Dec 09th, 2020

A Rare Value Play in a Red-Hot Sector

Sometimes it takes a while for the rest of the market to see the wisdom of our logic when it comes to identifying promising stocks (and, of course, sometimes it never does. The nerve!). On August 11, contributor Dave Sterman touted Sierra Wireless (SWIR), a seller of mobile computing and machine-to-machine communications products, in large part due to the promise of the Internet of Things and 5G phenomena. Two weeks later, shares were nearly down by nearly one-fourth before rebounding in a big way: In the ten weeks ended last Friday, shares shot up by an astounding 57.7%. Dave identified another company that stands to benefit from the trends in the IoT and 5G, a rare find with low multiples. He’s certainly not suggesting that we’ll see the same type of explosive share-growth as SWIR, but it’s one he thinks you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the months to come.

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Nov 11th, 2020

Can You Hear Me Now? 5G Is Here

It's been billed as "world-changing." Described as a "quantum leap," and the "next big thing." But will it live up to these lofty expectations? This new technology is still in its infancy so it's hard to give a concrete answer at this time. But one thing we do know is that even if it weren’t to exactly live up to or exceed the hype it's currently receiving, investors stand a chance to make spectacular gains. That's because billions... even hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent to develop the next generation of wireless networks -- more commonly known as "5G."

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