Nov 23rd, 2020

These are the Only Mutual Funds I Would Ever Own

Thanks to heavy exposure in 401(k) plans and widespread appeal to stock brokers and wealth managers for the kickbacks they earn, a stunning $21.3 trillion is invested in our nation’s mutual funds, according to Trouble is, most mutual funds simply fail to deliver. Morningstar looked at 10-year returns (through the end of June 2019) and found that “only 23% of all active funds topped the average of their passive rivals.” That’s because the high fees charged by mutual funds eat into returns, to the point where those returns can lag the market on an after-fee basis. That’s in contrast to those “passive rivals,” that Morningstar cites, which we refer to as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). That’s why I am a huge proponent of ETFs with my financial planning clients.

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Sep 30th, 2020

The 2 Best Ways to Play This Global Region’s Economic Boom

The years after World War II are remembered quite fondly by today’s seniors. Returning GIs came home to a steadily expanding economy, helping families to join the middle class in droves. While the United States’ gross national product, or GNP, (the measure of all goods and services produced) steadily grew from $200 billion in 1940 to $300 billion 1950, it really took off in that next decade, rising to $500 billion.

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