Oct 28th, 2020

The Highest-Paying REIT

Are you familiar with data centers? If you’ve traveled through a suburb of any major U.S. city, you probably drove right past one without even noticing. They tend to be four- to five-story, non-descript buildings, mingled among other light industry centers, with small or no windows, no signage, and surrounded by ominous looking, spiked metal fences. These are the buildings that process, store, and protect your credit card information, medical records, Amazon orders, Spotify songs, Facebook friends, and countless other digital data that track your every move online. These buildings are a big deal, and they are popping up everywhere.

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Aug 10th, 2020

Looking at REITs? Choose Wisely. Here’s How.

Countless times throughout my career, I’ve had the “pleasure” to debate with a prospective client the finer points of market-based investing versus real estate investing. More often than not, it ends with us agreeing to disagree. I’m not saying wealth cannot be grown by owning property, either residential or commercial, and collecting rent. I know lots of people who have done it (or inherited it) and become extremely wealthy.

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